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Aletta M. Lewis



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1.   Hierarchy of Adams, Lewis B. Adams, Lewis B.
(English painter, 1809-1853, active in Venezuela) [500117634] (Persons, Artists)
Adams, Lewis Brian
Lewis B. Adams
Lewis Brian Adams
2.   Hierarchy of Anderson, Paul Lewis Anderson, Paul Lewis
(American photographer, 1880-1956) [500065743] (Persons, Artists)
Paul Lewis Anderson
3.   Hierarchy of Andrew, Kristy Lewis Andrew, Kristy Lewis
(American book artist, born 1964) [500487839] (Persons, Artists)
Kristy Lewis Andrew
4.   Hierarchy of Angell, Lewis Angell, Lewis
(British architect, active 1893-1894) [500187811] (Persons, Artists)
Lewis Angell
5.   Hierarchy of Atkinson, Thomas Lewis Atkinson, Thomas Lewis
(English engraver, born 1817, died 1889 or 1890) [500115610] (Persons, Artists)
Thomas Lewis Atkinson
6.   Hierarchy of Aubineau, Lewis Aubineau, Lewis
(American painter, illuminator, and gem cutter, active 1799-1814) [500329628] (Persons, Artists)
Lewis Aubineau
Obeno, Lewis
7.   Hierarchy of Baltz, Lewis Baltz, Lewis
(American photographer, 1945-2014) [500011333] (Persons, Artists)
Lewis Baltz
8.   Hierarchy of Bassingthwaighte, Lewin Bassingthwaighte, Lewin
(British painter, 1928-1983) [500019785] (Persons, Artists)
Bassingthwaighte, Lewis
9.   Hierarchy of Baumer, Lewis Christopher Edward Baumer, Lewis Christopher Edward
(English painter and draftsman, 1870-1963) [500025979] (Persons, Artists)
Vernacular: Baumer, Lewis
Baumer, Lewis C.
Baumer, Lewis C. E.
Lewis Baumer
Lewis Christopher Edward Baumer
10.   Hierarchy of Biggs, Lewis Biggs, Lewis
(artist, active 20th century) [500388607] (Unidentified Named People and Firms)
Lewis Biggs
11.   Hierarchy of Bower Lewis Thrower Architects Bower Lewis Thrower Architects
(American architectural firm, contemporary) [500205881] (Corporate Bodies)
12.   Hierarchy of Bowman, Charles Lewis Bowman, Charles Lewis
(American architect, 1890-1971) [500286776] (Persons, Artists)
Charles Lewis Bowman
13.   Hierarchy of Brantz, Lewis Brantz, Lewis
(American landscapist, active ca. 1790-1831) [500098135] (Persons, Artists)
Lewis Brantz
14.   Hierarchy of Brown, John Lewis Brown, John Lewis
(French painter and lithographer, 1829-1890) [500007667] (Persons, Artists)
Brown, John-Lewis
J. Lewis Brown
John Lewis Brown
15.   Hierarchy of Brown, Lewis Brown, Lewis
(American architect, contemporary) [500240665] (Persons, Artists)
Lewis Brown
16.   Hierarchy of Brown, Willie L. Brown, Willie L.
(American politician, contemporary) [500282454] (Non-Artists)
Brown, Willie Lewis
17.   Hierarchy of Buckeridge, Lewis Buckeridge, Lewis
(British owner, d. ca.1822) [500447832] (Unidentified Named People and Firms, <Provenance Index Owners>)
Lewis Buckeridge
Lewis Buckeridge, Esq
18.   Hierarchy of Burckhardt, Jean-Louis Burckhardt, Jean-Louis
(Swiss explorer, 1784-1817) [500315132] (Non-Artists)
Burckhardt, John Lewis
19.   Hierarchy of Cannon, Lewis Telle Cannon, Lewis Telle
(American architect, 1872-1946) [500026410] (Persons, Artists)
Lewis Telle Cannon
20.   Hierarchy of Carracci, Lodovico Carracci, Lodovico
(Italian painter and draftsman, 1555-1619) [500009619] (Persons, Artists)
Lewis Carats
21.   Hierarchy of Carroll, Lewis Carroll, Lewis
(English author, mathematician, and photographer, 1832-1898) [500027372] (Persons, Artists)
Caroll, Lewis
Dodgson, Lewis Carroll
Lewis Carroll
Lewis Carroll (Charles Lutwidge Dodgson)
22.   Hierarchy of Chamberlain, Lewis Chamberlain, Lewis
(British artist, born 1966) [500199281] (Persons, Artists)
Lewis Chamberlain
23.   Hierarchy of Clarke, Lewis L. Clarke, Lewis L.
(American owner, fl. 1916) [500449713] (Unidentified Named People and Firms, <Provenance Index Owners>)
Lewis L. Clarke
24.   Hierarchy of Clarke, Lewis L., Mrs. Clarke, Lewis L., Mrs.
(American owner, fl. 1917) [500449736] (Unidentified Named People and Firms, <Provenance Index Owners>)
Lewis L. Clarke Mrs.
25.   Hierarchy of Clemens, Paul Lewis Clemens, Paul Lewis
(American painter, 1911-1992) [500006004] (Persons, Artists)
Paul Lewis Clemens
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