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Your Getty Stories

Thanks to everyone who wrote in with their stories and photos. Highlights are posted here.

Isabella in the Central Garden

My Getty story was on Mother's Day 2004. My sister and I decided to take my mother to the Getty Center as a special treat. We also brought my husband and my four-month-old daughter, Isabella. We were worried because we thought it might be too much for Isabella to handle. As we walked through the halls of the museum, Isabella was entranced by all the artwork and architecture.

People kept stopping us and asking if they could take her picture because she was intently focused on the artwork. We also took my mother to lunch at the Restaurant, which was amazing. Then we went out to the garden, which is so beautiful! I am still trying to find ladybug poppies to this day!

Museum Courtyard and ducklings in the Central Garden

My best friend Bekah was moving away. To us the Getty Center is "the happiest place on earth" so we went again before she left. The first time I went to the Getty Center (years ago) I "ooh-ed" and "ahh-ed" about the Van Goghs and Renoirs. Now, each time I return something new makes me smile. The architecture, the landscape...

This time with my best friend it was over half a dozen baby ducks. They were in the reflecting pond at the end of the waterfall. They reminded me of little brown cotton balls with kicking legs. The ducklings made their way through the maze to find their mother and each other, kicking and quacking. We watched children run around the pond to see them. Bekah and I couldn't stop smiling at such simple pleasures. Another perfect day!

Views of the Getty Center

I've never had a bad day at the Getty Center! I tell everyone that even if you don't want to look the exhibits, go to experience the outside of this wonderful place.

Favorite outdoor memories: One February, waiting in line for the homeward tram, we watched a thunder storm cross Santa Monica Bay and pass over us, shafts of sunlight and cloud shadows on the travertine with lightning flashes and sound.

In November a few years ago, we stood outside the West Pavilion viewing snow-covered mountains to our left and the shining Pacific to our right. Seen from the Getty Center, Los Angeles never looked better!

Excellent photo ops for amateurs—I would like to send you my Paul Strand-style landscape taken from the steps above the cactus garden. I have become a big fan of that photographer after seeing this year's exhibit. See you soon!

Three friends at the Getty Restaurant

Although it has been three years since our visit to the Getty Center, my friend, Kay, and I, remember it like yesterday.

With an MFA in design, I had known about the Getty Museum but had not taken the opportunity to go. With a planned account visit to LAX, my colleague and I convinced our account that we should hold the meeting at the Getty Center. The Metro Bus was convenient to our location and dropped us at the entrance. After taking the Getty Tram to the top of the hill, we stood in the museum lobby, looking through the courtyard at the galleries. It was then that we realized it would be impossible to see it all in one visit.

We took in as much as we could that morning, then found the Resturant, and enjoyed the meeting over a fabulous lunch, with a view of the Santa Monica Mountains.

Being able to wander from interior to exterior, enjoying both the art and the magnificent gardens was almost an ethereal experience for us. We look forward to our next trip but intend to block more time for the Getty Center.

Visitor with parasol at the Getty Center

8-7-05. The Getty Center was beautiful today. My best moments there were spent leaning on a white metal fence overlooking the cactus garden. A strong cool breeze blew over me. My red dragon parasol blocked the sun. I felt so real.

In my tour, I said, "Beware, the cactus spew spores at midnight, beware!" It was a perfect blend of hot summer with a cool breeze swirl. And in my tour, I said, "Follow me, and this, this right here, is the garden of earthly delights although it is actually gently pooling waters from Cleopatra's baths."

Beautiful landscape. Artsy company. The we stood and gazed and soaked it in and laughed and were quiet and enjoyed the space.

And to end my tour, I said, "Feel free to stay the night—it all, stone/art/plants/books/view, comes alive at midnight. Just steer clear of the cactus."

It was very nice. Thank you, Mr. Getty.


Earlier this year I visited the Getty Center for the first time, accompanied by my sister. We are both "boomers." I was captivated by the architecture, and by the art we saw on a tour of ancient to modern art, taking time to explain the finer points in paintings to my sister, especially in Van Gogh's painting.

At the end of the day I asked my sister what she enjoyed the most, and she said the garden, especially the vegetables in it. For her the Getty Center will be remembered for the peas in the garden.

Alex on the lawn at the lower tram station

I enjoy attending the Museum— it's a wholesome family experience. I was enjoying the garden on the day this photo was taken.

The Getty Center Los Angeles The Getty Villa Malibu