This mosaic pavement showing two merchant ships, a lighthouse, and dolphin was discovered in Ostia, the harbor city of ancient Rome. Staple and luxury goods flowed into the empire through this important port, including grain shipments from Egypt and Sicily and luxury goods from Africa, Arabia, India and beyond. Stall 46, Piazzale delle Corporazioni (regio II, insula VII, 4), Ostia Antica, Italy.

What Can the Ancient World Teach Us About Globalization?


The Barbara and Lawrence Fleischman Theater

Today's backlash against globalization raises hard questions. What does greater connectedness across borders mean for jobs, national identities, culture, and governments? The ancient Greek and Roman worlds also saw increasing flows of objects, people, and ideas that created a broader international consciousness—and no small amount of dislocation and turmoil. This panel, presented with Zócalo Public Square, reckons with timeless questions of globalization.

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