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It's easy to search the Getty Web site. Just type in a few words and press the Go button. Try to use discriminating terms that are likely to be unique to the documents you are seeking.

Search by typing words

Photography exhibitions

The search engine will find documents containing as many of these words and phrases as possible. The documents will be ranked so that the ones most relevant to your query are presented first.

Identify phrases with quotation marks

"Devices of Wonder"

To search for a phrase or for words that must appear together, place quotation marks around the words. Separate multiple phrases or proper names with a comma.

Use upper case to indicate exact match

Van Gogh, Vincent

Search terms in lowercase will match words in any case. If the search terms are in upper case, an exact case match is used.

Query refinement

If you see the phrase "Did you mean to search for one of the following?" with a list of links, you can refine your query. For example, if you perform a search for the artist Brueghel, you may get the following list of links:

Brueghel, Jan, the elder (27 results)
Bruegel, Pieter, the elder (4 results)
Brueghel, Jan, the younger (7 results)
Brueghel, Pieter, the younger (1 result)
Brueghel family (1 result)

Selecting one of these links refines your search to the particular query term or phrase.