Jackie Matisse

(born Paris, 1931) French artist who creates kite and kitetail sculptures. She collaborated with David Tudor and filmmaker Molly Davies on the three-screen video of her underwater kites Sea Tails (1983) and with Tudor on the kite installation piece Lines and Reflections (1987–1988). Other collaborative projects with Tudor include Tailing a Dream (1985), 9 Lines, Reflected (1986), Volatils with Sonic Reflections (1990), and Virtual Focus (1990). Until 1954 she lived in New York, where her father Pierre Matisse, son of the French artist Henri Matisse, ran his now historic gallery of modern art. Since then she has lived in Paris. Between 1959 and 1968 she assisted her stepfather Marcel Duchamp in assembling his Bôite-en-valise (portable museum), and she is the keeper of the Duchamp archives. Also known as Jacqueline Matisse Monnier.

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