Matthieu-Prosper Morey architectural drawings, ca. 1836–37

Sketch of an interior / Morey
This sketchbook by the French architect Matthieu-Prosper Morey (1805–1886) contains 112 architectural drawings of well-known churches (primarily medieval), monuments, and antiquities in Italy.

Morey probably created the drawings between 1836 and 1837, when he was a student. During this time, he traveled to southern Italy and Sicily with architect Victor Baltard (1805–1874) and to Greece and Turkey with archaeologist Desire Raoul-Rochette (1789–1854).

The sketchbook contains a full set of drawings of the Florence Baptistery, a reconstruction of the tomb of Theron at Agrigento, watercolors of Greek architectural fragments, and similar subjects. Several drawings are copies of Raoul-Rochette's plates of Pompeian houses. The drawings include Morey's titles, notes, and measurements.