Outline of the Categories of Information
Building a Common Framework for Catalogue Entries
Implementing a Common Framework
Organization of the Guidelines
Subjects/Built Works
People/Corporate Bodies
Geographic Locations
Bibliographic Sources
Group Entries
Volume (Sketchbook) Entry
Item Entries
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A Guide to the Description of Architectural Drawings

People/Corporate Bodies

Personal/Corporate Names
Biographical/Corporate History

The categories of information in this area are equally applicable to people and corporate bodies. This statement should not be taken to mean that people and corporate bodies can be described in exactly the same way. A typical implementation would treat them as separate but related entities. The similarity between the two argues for their being combined for purposes of discussion. It is recommended that an authority file or files be devoted to all named people and corporate bodies mentioned in catalogue entries. Each authority record should correspond to a particular entity (person or corporate body), rather than to a name by which the entity is or was known. In other words, the number of authority records should match the number of people and corporate bodies, not the number of different names for them.