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Research Notes: Part 2, no. 3, Folio 8 recto

After Guido Reni, Saint John the Baptist in the Desert (ca. 1635-42)
Fig. II, 3, a
After Guido Reni (Italian, 1575–1642)
Title: Saint John the Baptist in the Desert , San Giovanni Battista nel deserto
Date: ca. 1635–42
Medium: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 112 x 92 cm (44 1/8 x 36 1/4 in.)
Current location: Milan, private collection
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These images, which correspond closely to the description provided by the documents of 1680 and 1681, are good examples of the kind of devotional paintings that Guido Reni and his school made popular during the mid-seventeenth century (fig. II, 3, a; fig. II, 3, c). Both are copies of an original painting by Guido Reni (fig. II, 3, c) currently in the Galleria Sabauda in Turin. D. Stephen Pepper records several copies of this painting; probably one of them was in the Mellini collection.1 The painting owned by the Mellini would be easily recognizable because of the cherub mentioned by Pietro in the poem, although this version or copy has not been identified as yet. No such painting is recorded in the Mellini inventories dating after 1681.

Guido Reni, Saint John (1635) Figure 11, 3, b
Guido Reni (Italian, 1575–1642)
Saint John
Oil on canvas
112 x 58 cm (44 1/8 x 22 7/8 in.)
Turin, Galleria Sabauda
Bridgeman Images
Galleria Sabauda, Turin, Italy / Bridgeman Images
Simone Cantarini, Saint John the Baptist in the Wilderness Figure 11, 3, c
Simone Cantarini (Italian, 1612–48)
Saint John the Baptist in the Wilderness
n. d.
Oil on canvas
137.3 x 94.5 cm (54 1/8 x 37 1/4 in.)
Private collection (Sold at Christie’s, London, 9 July 2008, sale 7610)
Photo © Christie’s Images / Bridgeman Images

For the painting in figure II, 3, c, Andrea Emiliani has tentatively suggested an attribution to Simone Cantarini, who was active in Guido Reni’s studio in the 1630s.2