List of Artworks

The works Mellini described in his poem are presented here in a table. Compare the descriptions of the works in Mellini's poem with their description in an earlier, conventional inventory from 1680 by clicking to open the “Compare to 1680 Inventory” window.

The images shown here are intended to give the users of this digital publication an idea of the kinds of pictorial works that were in the collection of the Mellini family during the late seventeenth century. They are an indication of taste, fashion, and social status as reflected in the reception rooms of the family’s palazzo. Read about the research team’s work to identify the images presented here.

Identified: There is a high probability that the work named here was in the Mellini collection in 1681.
Possibly Identified: The work was possibly in the Mellini collection in 1681.
Related: The work was not in the Mellini collection but is somehow related to the work described in the inventories (i.e., it is a copy, an alternate version, or a preliminary drawing).
Example: The work was not in the Mellini collection but is representative of a work described in the inventories (i.e., in theme and/or visual composition).
No artwork identified: Most of the works described by Mellini in his poem have not been identified.
Item No. Folio Subjects Artist Identification Status
Part 2, no. 6 8 recto Religion: Saints
> St. Sebastian
unknown Flemish
No artwork identified
Placeholder graphic indicates no artwork was identified.
Comparison to 1680 inventory
1681 Rhyming verse inventory 1680 Conventional inventory
Item No. Part 2, no. 6
V’è di pietà donna senil si vaga,
Ch’al sen di Sebastian più d’uno strale
Cerca di tor che l’innocente impiaga
Ma in sostenerlo altra di sesso eguale
Mostra versar dagl’ochi humor vivace
Mossa anch’essa a pietà del suo gran male,
E per esser condotta in stil che piace
S’accertar l’Inventore altri non puote
Che sia di non vulgar l’opra non tace.

S. Sebastiano fino al ginochio nudo, con le mani legate all'arbore

Physical description of artwork

n.º 6 Fig.e al par del vivo in tela di p. 9 al. 6 lar.

Stà in tela di p[alm]i sette di altezza, e cinque, e m[ez]zo di larghezza. Copia ord[inar]ia Stà in cornice grande all'antica nera dorata

Location of artwork

Nella facciata della finestra


St. Sebastian is nursed by the widow Irene, who removes the arrows

Comments by authors

Here is an unusual situation: Pietro’s description of the work is much more detailed than the description in the conventional 1680 inventory. Also, Pietro praises the style of the anonymous work, whereas the 1680 inventory calls it an “ordinary copy.” —Murtha Baca

In fact, the only thing that the two descriptions have in common is the figure of St. Sebastian. The 1680 description corresponds to St. Sebastian tied to a tree and pierced by arrows, while the 1681 description refers to St. Sebastian nursed by the widow Irene. The measurements given in each document are also different, but both indicate a large painting. —Nuria Rodríguez Ortega