History of Restoration of Ancient Stone Sculptures

Edited by Janet Burnett Grossman, Jerry Podany, and Marion True


240 pages

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The nineteen papers in this volume stem from a symposium that brought together academics, archaeologists, museum curators, conservators, and a practicing marble sculptor to discuss varying approaches to restoration of ancient stone sculpture.

Contributors and their subjects include Marion True and Jerry Podany on changing approaches to conservation; Seymour Howard on restoration and the antique model; Nancy H. Ramage’s case study on the relationship between a restorer, Vincenzo Pacetti, and his patron, Luciano Bonaparte; Mette Moltesen on de-restoring and re-restoring in the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek; Miranda Marvin on the Ludovisi collection; and Andreas Scholl on the history of restoration of ancient sculptures in the Altes Museum in Berlin.

The book also features contributions by Elizabeth Bartman, Brigitte Bourgeois, Jane Fejfer, Angela Gallottini, Sascha Kansteiner, Giovanna Martellotti, Orietta Rossi Pinelli, Peter Rockwell, Edmund Southworth, Samantha Sportun, and Markus Trunk. Charles Rhyne summarizes the themes, approaches, issues, and questions raised by the symposium.

Table of Contents

  • Preface
    Marion True
  • Changing Approaches to Conservation
    Marion True
  • Lessons from the Past
    Jerry Podany
  • Restoration and the Antique Model: Reciprocities between Figure and Field
    Seymour Howard
  • Ein Apoxyomenos des 5. Jahrhunderts: Überlegungen zu einer von Cavaceppi ergänzten Statue in Los Angeles
    Sascha Kansteiner
  • From the Need for Completion to the Cult of the Fragment: How Tastes, Scholarship, and Museum Curators’ Choices Changed Our View of Ancient Sculpture
    Orietta Rossi Pinelli
  • The Creative Reuse of Antiquity
    Peter Rockwell
  • Restoration and Display of Classical Sculpture in English Country Houses: A Case of Dependence
    Jane Fejfer
  • The Role of the Collector: Henry Blundell of Ince
    Edmund Southworth
  • Piecing as Paragone: Carlo Albacini’s Diana at Ince
    Elizabeth Bartman
  • The Investigation of Two Male Sculptures from the Ince Blundell Collection
    Samantha Sportun
  • Vincenzo Pacetti and Luciano Bonaparte: The Restorer and His Patron
    Nancy H. Ramage
  • “Secure for Eternity”: Assembly Techniques for Large Statuary in the Sixteenth to Nineteenth Century
    Brigitte Bourgeois
  • Plates
  • Reconstructive Restorations of Roman Sculptures: Three Case Studies
    Giovanna Martellotti
  • Restoration Techniques and Sources for the Statues of the Giustiniani Collection
    Angela Gallottini
  • De-restoring and Re-restoring: Fifty Years of Restoration Work in the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek
    Mette Moltesen
  • Possessions of Princes: The Ludovisi Collection
    Miranda Marvin
  • The Ancient Sculptures in the Rotunda of the Altes Museum, Berlin: Their Appreciation, Presentation, and Restoration from 1830 to 2000
    Andreas Scholl
  • Restoring Restored Sculptures: The Statues of Zeus and Asklepios in the Rotunda of the Altes Museum, Berlin
    Wolfgang MaBmann
  • Early Restorations of Ancient Sculptures in the Casa de Pilatos, Seville: Sources and Evidence
    Markus Trunk
  • Themes, Approaches, Issues, and Questions
    Charles Rhyne
  • Index

About the Authors

Janet Burnett Grossman and Marion True are associate curator and curator, respectively, at the J. Paul Getty Museum. Jerry Podany is a conservator of antiquities at the Museum.