An International Workshop Organized by the Getty Conservation Institute and Loyola Marymount University

Management Planning for Archaeological Sites: An International Workshop Organized by the Getty Conservation Institute and Loyola Marymount University

Jeanne Marie Teutonico and Gaetano Palumbo


96 pages

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Archaeological sites around the world are threatened by forces including population growth, development, urbanization, pollution, tourism, vandalism, and looting. Site management planning is emerging as a critical element not only for the conservation of this heritage, but also to address issues such as tourism and sustainable development.

This book reports on the proceedings of a workshop held in Greece near the ancient site of Corinth, where an international group of professionals gathered to discuss challenges faced by archaeological sites in the Mediterranean and to examine management planning methods that might generate effective conservation strategies.

Part One contains background papers addressing threats to the archaeological heritage, the concept of heritage values, and a methodology for the conservation and management of archaeological sites. Part Two features case studies where site management plans have been developed and implemented, or where their use is under discussion. Cases include Hadrian’s Wall, England, and Chan Chan, Peru; Masada, Israel; Petra, Jordan; and Corinth, Greece. This book will be of interest to architects, archaeologists, site managers and all those charged with the conservation and management of the archaeological heritage.

Table of Contents

  • Foreword, Timothy P. Whalen
  • Preface, Jeanne Marie Teutonico and William Fulco
  • Part One: Background Papers
    • Threats and Challenges to the Archaeological Heritage in the Mediterranean, Gaetano Palumbo
    • Heritage Values and Challenges of Conservation Planning, Randall Mason and Erica Avrami
    • Planning for Conservation and Management of Archaeological Sites: A Values-Based Approach, Martha Demas
  • Part Two: Case Studies
    • Introduction, Jeanne Marie Teutonico
    • Experiences from Europe and Latin America, Jeanne Marie Teutonico
    • Hadrian’s Wall, United Kingdom, Christopher Young
    • Chan Chan, Peru, Carolina Castellanos
    • Three Sites in the Region
      • Masada, Israel, Esti Ben Haim
      • Petra, Jordan, Aysar Akrawi
      • Corinth, Greece, Guy Sanders
  • Summary of Discussions, Jeanne Marie Teutonico and Gaetano Palumbo
  • Annotated Bibliography, Martha Demas
  • List of Participants
  • Author Biographies

About the Authors

Jeanne Marie Teutonico is associate director of the Getty Conservation Institute.

Gaetano Palumbo is senior lecturer at the Institute of Archaeology, University College London.