Daguerreotype Masterpieces from the J. Paul Getty Museum


The Silver Canvas: Daguerreotype Masterpieces from the J. Paul Getty Museum

Bates Lowry, Isabel Barrett Lowry


256 pages

PDF file size: 22.8 MB


By the middle of the nineteenth century, the most common method of photography was the daguerreotype—Louis Jacques Mandé Daguerre’s miraculous invention that captured in a camera visual images on a highly polished silver surface through exposure to light. In this book are presented nearly eighty masterpieces—many never previously published—from the J. Paul Getty Museum’s extensive daguerreotype collection.

Table of Contents

  • Foreword
    Deborah Gribbon
  • Preface
    Weston Naef
  • Introduction
  • Prologue
    • The Origins of Daguerreotype
      • The Magician of Light
      • Fortified Vision
      • The Dream Has Come To Pass
      • The Secret Is Disclosed
  • Chapter 1
    • The World Poses for the Sun
  • Chapter 2
    • Stealing From the Mirror
  • Chapter 3
    • The Artificial Retina
  • Chapter 4
    • An Intruder in the Realm
  • Chapter 5