Volume 22/1994


The J. Paul Getty Museum Journal: Volume 22/1994


108 pages

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The J. Paul Getty Museum Journal contains scholarly articles and shorter notes pertaining to objects in the Museum’s seven curatorial departments: Antiquities, Decorative Arts, Drawings, Manuscripts, Paintings, Photographs, and Sculpture and Works of Art.

The Journal includes an illustrated checklist of the Museum’s acquisitions for the previous year, a staff listing, and a statement by the Museum’s director outlining the year’s most important activities.

Volume 22 of the J. Paul Getty Museum Journal includes articles by John Walsh, Peter Humfrey, Charissa Bremer-David, Carl Grimm, and Peggy Fogelman.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction: The Collections and the Year’s Activities
    John Walsh
  • Bartolomeo Vivarini’s Saint James Polyptych and Its Provenance
    Peter Humfrey
  • Le Cheval Rayé: A French Tapestry Portraying Dutch Brazil
    Charissa Bremer-David
  • Art History, Connoisseurship, and Scientific Analysis in the Restoration of Giulio Romano’s Birth of Bacchus
    Carl Grimm
  • “S’eri tu in viso qual ti feo Canova”: Canova’s Herm of a Vestal Virgin
    Peggy Fogelman
    • Notes to the Reader
    • Antiquities
    • Decorative Arts
    • Drawings
    • Manuscripts
    • Paintings
    • Photographs
    • Sculpture and Works of Art
  • Trustees and Staff List