The Getty Kouros Colloquium


68 pages

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This volume brings together the nineteen papers delivered at the 1992 colloquium in Athens that convened the world’s scholars and scientists to discuss the authenticity of the controversial Kouros acquired by the J. Paul Getty Museum in 1985. Contributors provide the first balanced discussion of the sculpture’s authenticity. These essays will be of interest to antiquities specialists and to those who want to learn about the latest findings and opinions of the international scholars who have studied the Getty Kouros.

Table of Contents

  • Marion True, The Getty Kouros: Background on the Problem
  • Brunile Sismondo-Ridgway, In Defense of Authenticity
  • Evelyn B. Harrison, Remarks on the Style of the Getty Kouros
  • Bernard Holtzmann, A Contribution to the Athens Colloquium on the Getty Kouros
  • John Boardman, Criteria
  • Vassilis Lambrinoudakis, Some Observations on the Authenticity of the Getty Kouros
  • Jean Marcadé, An Honest Opinion about the Getty Kouros
  • Georgios Dontas, The Getty Kouros: A Look at its Artistic Defects and Incongruities
  • Helmut Kyrieleis, Concerning the Getty Kouros
  • Ismini Trianti, Four Kouroi in One?
  • Angelos Delivorrias, Concerning the Problem of the Authenticity of a Statue
  • Ilse Kleeman, On the Authenticity of the Getty Kouros
  • Eleanor Guralnick, Measurements and Proportions of the Getty Kouros
  • Stelios Triantis, Technical and Artistic Deficiencies of the Getty Kouros
  • Peter Rockwell, Archaic Carving Technique and the Getty Kouros
  • Jerry Podany, Scientific Examination of the Getty Kouros: An Introduction
  • Tony Kozelj, Marble Quarries on the Island of Thasos and the Extraction of Blocks in Antiquity
  • Frank Preusser, Scientific Examination of the Getty Kouros
  • Norbert S. Baer, The Role of Scientific Evidence in Archaeological Inquiry: The Getty Kouros
  • Bibliography - Participants