Art Historical and Scientific Perspectives on Ancient Sculpture

Marble: Art Historical and Scientific Perspectives on Ancient Sculpture

Edited by Marion True and Jerry Podany


299 pages

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In sixteen essays, prominent art historians, sculptors, scientists, and conservators discuss ancient marble sculpture. The essays are based on a symposium held at the J. Paul Getty Museum in April 1988. Topics include the provenancing of marble, the detection of marble forgeries, scientific analysis and authentication of ancient marble, marble quarrying and trade in the ancient world, and the techniques used in ancient sculpture.

Table of Contents

  • Foreword
    John Walsh
  • Disiecta Membra: The Remarkable History of Some Sculptures from an Unknown Temple
    Angelos Delivorrias
  • The Quarrying Techniques of the Greek World
    M. Waelkens, P. De Paepe, and L. Moens
  • Thasos and the Ancient Marble Trade: Evidence from American Museums
    John J. Herrmann, Jr.
  • Stable Isotope Analysis of Greek and Roman Marble: Provenance, Association, and Authenticity
    Norman Herz
  • Scientific Provenance Determination of Ancient White Marble Sculptures Using Petrographic, Chemical, and Isotopic Data
    L. Moens, P. Roos, J. De Rudder, P. De Paepe, J. van Hende, and M. Waelkens
  • Stable Isotope Analysis of Carrara Marble: Some Questions for the Archaeologist
    Susan Walker and Keith Matthews
  • Ancient Techniques of Making Joins in Marble Statuary
    Amanda Claridge
  • Repair, Reuse, and Reworking of Ancient Greek Sculpture
    Evelyn B. Harrison
  • Metal Attachments in Greek Marble Sculpture
    Bruni Ide S. Ridgway
  • Some Reflections on Tools and Faking
    Peter Rockwell
  • The Decline and Fall of a Greek Portrait: A Fake Portrait Tells Its Story
    Flemming Johansen
  • Isotope Analysis of Greek, Roman, and Renaissance Marble Heads from the Antiquarium at Munich
    Josef Riederer
  • Rosso Antico and Other Red Marbles Used in Antiquity: A Characterization Study
    Lorenzo Lazzarini
  • Once Again on Marmor Luculleum
    Angelina Dworakowska
  • Weathering Layers and the Authentication of Marble Objects
    Richard Newman
  • Ancient Greek and Roman Marble Sculpture: Authentication, Weathering, and Provenance Determinations
    Stanley V. Margolis and William Showers