Volume 17/1989


The J. Paul Getty Museum Journal: Volume 17/1989


172 pages

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The J. Paul Getty Museum Journal is a compendium of articles and notes pertaining to the Museum’s permanent collections of antiquities, decorative arts, drawings, and photographs. This volume includes a supplement introduced by John Walsh with a fully illustrated checklist of the Getty’s acquisitions from 1988. Volume 17 includes articles written by Elisabeth Doumeyrou, Gerhard Gruitrooy, Lee Hendrix, Clark Hulse, David Jaffé, Jean-Nérée Ronfort, and Belinda Rathbone.

Table of Contents

  • An Ivory Fulcrum Medallion
    Elisabeth Doumeyrou
  • A New Drawing by Giovanni Battista Naldini
    Gerhard Gruitrooy
  • A New Drawing by Hanns Lautensack
    Lee Hendrix
  • The Significance of Titian’s Pastoral Scene
    Clark Hulse
  • Two Bronzes in Poussin’s Studies of Antiquities
    David Jaffé
  • Science and Luxury: Two Acquisitions by the J. Paul Getty Museum
    Jean-Nérée Ronfort
  • Portrait of a Marriage: Paul Strand’s Photographs of Rebecca
    Belinda Rathbone
    • Introduction: The Collections and the Year’s Activities
    • Notes to the Reader
    • Antiquities
    • Manuscripts
    • Paintings
    • Drawings
    • Decorative Arts
    • Sculpture and Works of Art
    • Photographs
  • Trustees and Staff List