The Conservation of Tapestries and Embroideries


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Proceedings of Meetings at the Institut Royal du Patrimoine Artistique, Brussels, Belgium, September 21–24, 1987

The fifteen papers in this volume focus on treatments of western European tapestries and ecclesiastical embroideries, mostly from the Renaissance period, although one work, a liturgical sandal, dates back to the twelfth century, while the pilaster panels from Broni originated as recently as the 1740s.

Some of the papers present general concerns, such as the development of a comprehensive conservation program for textiles at the Metropolitan Museum of Art or the importance of compiling a thorough technical report. Most offer treatments of important textiles as case studies in the state of the art of textiles conservation.

Table of Contents

  • Forward
    Luis Monreal
  • Summary of the Discussions
    Liliane Masschelein-Kleiner
  • The Conservation of Embroideries at the Institut Royal du Patrimoine Artistique
    Juliette De boeck, Vera Vereecken, and Tatiana Reicher
  • The Restoration of the Antependium of the Musée Paul Dupuy in Toulouse
    Mechthild Flury-Lemberg
  • The Burgundian Vestments
    Rotraud Bauer
  • Three Embroidered Pilaster Panels from the Church of San Pietro at Broni
    Francesco Pertegato
  • Restoration of a Seventeenth-Century Chasuble at the Musée Historique des Tissus in Lyons
    Marie Schoefer and Eric Houpeaux
  • The Restoration of a Twelfth-Century Liturgical Sandal at the Musée Historique des Tissus in Lyons
    Marie Schoefer and Denise Lestoquoit
  • Second Sight: Further Investigation into the Construction of Ecclesiastical Embroideries and Tapestries
    Stephen Cousens
  • Conservation Maintenance of Tapestries at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1987
    Nobuko Kajitani
  • Tapestries: Conservation and Original Design
    Karen Finch
  • Conservation of a Fifteenth-Century Tapestry from Franconia
    André Brutillot
  • The Tapestries of the Sala dei Duecento in the Palazzo Vecchio
    Loretta Dolcini
  • Gluttony and Avarice: Two Different Approaches
    R. Bruce Hutchison
  • Two Case Histories: A Seventeenth-Century Antwerp Tapestry and an Eighteenth Century English Soho Tapestry
    Ksynia Marko
  • The Conservation/Restoration of the Sixteenth-Century Tapestry The Gathering of the Manna
    Yvan Maes
  • The Treatment of Two Sixteenth-Century Tapestries at the lnstitut Royal du Patrimoine Artistique
    luliette De boeck, Michelle De Bruecker, Chantel Carpentier, and Kathrijn Housiaux