Volume 4 (OPA 5)

Greek Vases in the J. Paul Getty Museum: Volume 4 (OPA 5)


190 pages

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The manufacture, decoration, and use of terracotta vessels in antiquity are explored throughout this volume, which includes studies of iconography, individual painters, provenance, function, and inscriptions. The fourteen articles are organized by fabric and by chronology and include contributions by the following authors: Jacques Heurgon, Herbert Hoffmann, Carina Weiß, H. Alan Shapiro, Donna Kurtz, William Biers, Beth Cohen, Mary Moore, Brian Shefton, Shirley Schwarz, and Susan Matheson.

Table of Contents

  • The Minotaur in Malibu?
    William R. Biers
  • Two Black-figure Neck-Amphorae in the J. Paul Getty Museum: Problems of Workshop and Iconography
    H. A. Shapiro
  • Giants at the Getty—Again
    Mary B. Moore
  • East Greek Influences in Sixth-Century Attic Vase-Painting and Some Laconian Trails
    B. B. Shefton
  • Oddities of Very Early Red-Figure and a New Fragment at the Getty
    Beth Cohen
  • Phintias in Malibu und Karlsruhe
    Carina Weiß
  • Panathenaic Amphorae by the Kleophades Painter
    Susan B. Matheson
  • Two Athenian White-ground Lekythoi
    D. C. Kurtz
  • Rhyta and Kantharoi in Greek Ritual
    Herbert Hoffmann
  • Orvieto Vases in the Getty Museum
    S. Schwarz
  • Graffites étrusques au J. Paul Getty Museum
    Jacques Heurgon