Volume 14/1986


The J. Paul Getty Museum Journal: Volume 14/1986


292 pages

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The J. Paul Getty Museum Journal is a compendium of articles and notes pertaining to the Museum’s permanent collections of antiquities, decorative arts, paintings, and photographs. It includes a supplement introduced by John Walsh with a fully illustrated checklist of the Getty’s 1985 acquisitions. Volume 14 includes articles written by Dietrich von Bothmer, Dietrich Willers, Jean-Louis Zimmermann, Marjatta Nielsen, R. R. R. Smith, Lawrence J. Bliquez, Anne Ratzki-Kraatz, Charissa Bremer-David, Simon Jervis, Gillian Wilson, C. Gay Nieda, Rosalind Savill, M. Roy Fisher, Nigel Glendinning, Burton B. Fredericksen, Graham Smith and Anne McCauley.

Table of Contents

  • An Archaic Red-Figure Kylix
    Dietrich von Bothmer
  • Vom Etruskischen zum Römischen: Noch einmal zu einem Spiegelrelief in Malibu
    Dietrich Willers
  • La fin de Falerii Veteres: Un témoignage archéologique
    Jean-Louis Zimmermann
  • Late Etrucan Cinerary Urns from Volterra at the J. Paul Getty Museum: A Lid Figure Altered from Male to Female, and an Ancestor to Satirist Persius
    Marjatta Nielsen
  • Three Hellenistic Rulers at the Getty
    R. R. R. Smith
  • The Getty Instrumentarium: A Revised Opinion
    Lawrence J. Bliquez
  • A French Lit de Parade “A la Duchesse” 1690–1715
    Anne Ratzki-Kraatz
  • Tapestry “Le Château de Monceaux” from the Series Les Maisons Royales
    Charissa Bremer-David
  • Huquier’s Second Livre
    Simon Jervis
  • A Secretaire by Philippe-Claude Montigny
    Gillian Wilson
  • A Sèvres Vase à Panneaux
    C. Gay Nieda
  • A Pair of Sèvres Vases: From the Collection of Sir Richard Wallace to the J. Paul Getty Museum
    Rosalind Savill
  • Francesco Maffei: Newly Discovered Scenes from Tasso’s Jerusalem Delivered
    M. Roy Fisher
  • A Footnote to Goya’s Portrait of the Marquesa de Santiago
    Nigel Glendinning
  • Goya’s Portrait of the Marquesa de Santiago: A Correction
    Burton B. Fredericksen
  • David Octavius Hill, David Roberts, and J. M. W. Turner’s Wreck of a Transport Ship
    Graham Smith
  • Photographs for Industry: The Career of Charles Aubry
    Anne McCauley
    • Introduction
    • Notes to the Reader
    • Antiquities
    • Manuscripts
    • Paintings
    • Drawings
    • Decorative Arts
    • Sculpture and Works of Art
    • Photographs
  • Trustees and Staff List