Volume 3 (OPA 2)

Greek Vases in The J. Paul Getty Museum: Volume 3 (OPA 2)


152 pages

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This volume in the Occasional Papers on Antiquities series includes analyses by Donna Kurtz and John Boardman of vase paintings depicting revelers associated with the poet Anakreon; an examination by Martin Robertson of pelikai by the Pan Painter; a commentary by Mario Del Chiaro on a duck-askos at the Getty Museum; and Susan Matheson’s interpretation of an Iliupersis scene.

Table of Contents

  • Etrusko-korinthische Vasen in Malibu
    János Gy. Szilágyi
  • Some Plastics in Malibu
    William R. Biers
  • A Kylix and Fragments by the Boread Painter
    Cynthia Hoyt-Grimes
  • Booners
    Donna Carol Kurtz and John Boardman
  • Two Pelikai by the Pan Painter
    Martin Robertson
  • ου γαρ ην αμισ: A Chous by the Oionokles Painter
    Elfriede R. Knauer
  • Polygnotos: An Iliupersis Scene at the Getty Museum
    Susan B. Matheson
  • Some Gnathia Pottery in the J. Paul Getty Museum
    J. R. Green
  • A Clusium Group Duck-Askos in Malibu
    Mario A. Del Chiaro
  • Dipping as a Glazing Technique in Antiquity
    Toby Schreiber