Volume 2 (OPA 3)

Greek Vases in The J. Paul Getty Museum: Volume 2 (OPA 3)


260 pages

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This volume in the J. Paul Getty Museum’s series Occasional Papers on Antiquities (OPA) includes separate examinations of Mycenaean vases and Southern Italian vases and terracottas at the Museum, a discussion by E. Anne Mackay of methodology in vase profile analysis, and essays by J. R. Green, Marion True, Mary B. Moore, and Donna Kurtz, among others.

Table of Contents

  • Mycenaean Vases in the J. Paul Getty Museum
    Sinclair Hood
  • Mass Production and the Competitive Edge in Corinthian Pottery
    J. L. Benson
  • Giants at the Getty
    Mary B. Moore
  • Some New and Little-Known Vases by the Rycroft and Priam Painters
    Warren G. Moon
  • New Fragments of an Early Cup by Douris
    Diana Buitron
  • A Fragmentary Hydria by the Berlin Painter
    Mark Kotansky, Karen Manchester, Jiří Frel
  • A New Meidian Kylix
    Marion True
  • A Parthenonian Centaur
    Katherine A. Schwab
  • A Representation of the Birds of Aristophanes
    J. R. Green
  • Parisurteil der Zeit Alexanders des Grossen
    Karl Schefold
  • A Bell Krater by the Branicki Painter
  • Marit Jentoft-Nilsen
  • An Apulian Loutrophoros Representing the Tantalidae
    A. D. Trendall
  • A New Etruscan Vase Painter at Malibu
    Jiří Frel
  • A Faliscan Red-figure Bell Krater
    Mario A. Del Chiaro
  • Polychrome Vases and Terracottas from Southern Italy in the J. Paul Getty Museum
    Frederike van der Wielen-van Ommeren
  • Herakles und Theseus auf Vasen in Malibu
    Frank Brommer
  • Methodology in Vase-Profile Analysis
    E. Anne Mackay
  • Beazley and the Connoisseurship of Greek Vases
    D. C. Kurtz