Volume 1  (OPA  1)

Greek Vases in The J. Paul Getty Museum: Volume 1 (OPA 1)


160 pages

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This first volume in the Occasional Papers on Antiquities (OPA) subseries on Greek vases features contributions on Sophilos, the Brygos Painter, Asteas, the Berlin and Kleophrades Painters, and the Mannheim Painter.

Table of Contents

  • A Komast Cup
    Peter J. Connor and H.A.G. Brijder
  • Sophilos in the British Museum
    Dyfri Williams
  • Three Notes on Attic Black Figure in Malibu
    Jiří Frel
  • A New Exekian Fragment
    E. Anne Mackay
  • Nicosthenic Athletics
    Brian Legakis
  • Fragments of a Dinos and a Cup Fragment by the Kleophrades Painter
    Martin Robertson
  • The Berlin Painter at the Getty Museum and Some Others
    Martin Robertson
  • New Vases by the Brygos Painter and his Circle in Malibu
    Marion True
  • M�nadengelage und G�tterliebe in Malibu
    Adrienne Lezzi-Hafter
  • Satyrspielvasen in Malibu
    Frank Brommer
  • A Vulci Vase in the Getty Museum
    Shirley J. Schwarz
  • An Etruscan Vase with Siren
    Mario A. Del Chiaro
  • A Krater by Asteas
    Marit Jentoft-Nilsen
  • The Turn of the Wheel
    Toby Schreiber