Volume 10/1982


The J. Paul Getty Museum Journal: Volume 10/1982


202 pages

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The J. Paul Getty Museum Journal is a compendium of articles and notes pertaining to the Museum’s permanent collections of antiquities, paintings, and sculpture and works of art. This volume includes an editorial statement by the Journal’s editors: Burton B. Fredericksen, Curator of Paintings, Jiří Frel, Curator of Antiquities, and Gillian Wilson, Curator of Decorative Arts. Conservation problems will be discussed along with the articles written by Laurie Fusco, Elisabeth Mention, Burton B. Fredericksen, John Fletcher, Thomas Kren, Gillian Wilson, Adrian Sassoon, Jiří Frel, Sheldon Nodelman, Jean-Paul Boucher, Mario A. Del Chiaro, Stéphanie Boucher, Jean-Louis Zimmermann, Patricia Tuttle, Antje Krug, Arthur Houghton, Marit Jentoft-Nilsen, René Hodot, Susan Treggiari, Emilio Rodríguez-Almeida, and Andrea Rothe.

Table of Contents

  • An Unpublished Madonna and Child by Fra Filippo Lippi
    Laurie Fusco
  • Conservation Report on the Madonna and Child by Fra Filippo Lippi
    Elisabeth Mention
    Burton B. Fredericksen
  • Panel Examination and Dendrochronology
    John Fletcher
  • Jan Lingelbach in Rome
    Thomas Kren
  • Acquisitions by the Department of Decorative Arts, 1981-1982
    Gillian Wilson
  • Two Acquisitions of Sèvres Porcelain in The Getty Museum
    Adrian Sassoon
  • Notes on Some Archaic Attic Sculpture
    Jiří Frel
  • A Portrait of The Empress Plautilla
    Sheldon Nodelman
  • L’épitaphe d’Hélène
    Jean-Paul Boucher
  • An Etruscan Stone Winged Lion
    Mario A. Del Chiaro
  • Deux petits bronzes à Malibu
    Stéphanie Boucher
  • L’Armure en bronze de Malibu
    Jean-Louis Zimmermann
  • Conservation of the Bronze Cuirass and Helmet
    Patricia Tuttle
  • Die ‘Kauernde Aphrodite’ in Kristall
    Antje Krug
  • A Tetradrachm of Seleucia Pieria at the Getty Museum
    Arthur Houghton
  • Some Objects Relating to the Theatre
    Marit Jentoft-Nilsen
  • Décret de Kymè en l’honneur du Prytane Kléanax
    René Hodot
  • Two Latin Inscriptions
    Susan Treggiari
  • “Epigraphica Minora” del Paul Getty Museum
    Emilio Rodríguez-Almeida
  • Conservation Report on the Mummy Portrait of Isidora
    Andrea Rothe