Second Edition


The Getty Bronze: Second Edition

Jiří Frel


64 pages

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Released from his prison of incrustation, having rested on the ocean floor for thousands of years, the bronze statue of an athlete stands in a quietly arrogant pose, having just placed an olive crown—the symbol of victory in the Olympic Games—on his head. In this monograph devoted to the Getty Bronze, Dr. Frel analyzes the technique and style that point to its attribution to the great fourth-century Greek sculptor Lysippos. The conservation of the bronze, its possible identity as a Hellenistic prince, and its place in Lysippos’s oeuvre are discussed.

Table of Contents

  • Getty and the Bronze
  • Origins
  • Conservation
  • Making the Statue
  • Looking at the Statue
  • The Identity
  • Lysippos
  • Lysippos in the Getty Museum
  • Postscriptum

About the Authors

Jiří Frel is curator of antiquities at the J. Paul Getty Museum.