Volume 8/1980


The J. Paul Getty Museum Journal: Volume 8/1980


212 pages

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The J. Paul Getty Museum Journal is a compendium of articles and notes pertaining to the Museum’s permanent collections of antiquities, paintings, and sculpture and works of art. This volume includes an editorial statement by the Journal’s editors: Burton B. Fredericksen, Curator of Paintings, Jiří Frel, Curator of Antiquities, and Gillian Wilson, Curator of Decorative Arts. Conservation problems are discussed along with the articles written by Gillian Wilson, George Goldner, Susan Page, Mauro Natale, Malcolm Waddingham, Daniel Lettieri, Jiří Frel, Patricia Tuttle, Helayna Iwaniw Thickpenny, Phyllis Williams Lehmann, K. Patricia Erhart, Guntram Koch, Klaus Parlasca, Larissa Bonfante, Andrew Oliver, Jr., Brigitta Strelka, Faya Causey Frel, Jeanne Peppers, Roy Kotansky, Lawrence J. Bliquez, Jane M. Cody, Marit Jentoft-Nilsen, and Stephen Bailey.

Table of Contents

  • Acquisitions Made by the Department of Decorative Arts, 1979 to mid 1980
    Gillian Wilson
  • A Late Fifteenth Century Venetian Painting of a Bird Hunt
    George Goldner
  • A Condition Report of a Fifteenth Century Panel Painting
    Susan Page
  • Note sulla pittura lucchese alla fine del Quattrocento
    Mauro Natale
  • Additions to the Oeuvre of Michael Sweerts
    Malcolm Waddingham
  • Text, Narrative and Tradition: Scenes from Esther by Aert de Gelder
    Daniel Lettieri
  • Some Greek Sculpture in Malibu
    Jiří Frel
  • Conservation Report on the Bronze Herm
    Patricia Tuttle
  • A Fragment of an Attic Grave Stele in the Getty Museum
    Helayna Iwaniw Thickpenny
  • A New Portrait Type of Demetrios Poliorketes (?)
    Phyllis Williams Lehmann
  • A New Portrait Type of Octavia Minor (?)
    K. Patricia Erhart
  • Ein Endymionsarkophag in Malibu
    Guntram Koch
  • Zur syrischen Plastik der römischen Kaiserzeit
    Klaus Parlasca
  • An Etruscan Mirror With “Spiky Garland” in the Getty Museum
    Larissa Bonfante
  • A Set of Ancient Silverware in the Getty Museum
    Andrew Oliver, Jr.
  • Additional Ovservations On A Set Of Archaic Greek Finger Rings
    Brigitta Strelka
  • A Larva Convivalis in the Getty Museum
    Faya Causey Frel
  • Four Roman Votive Bronzes in the Getty Museum
    Jeanne Peppers
  • Two Amulets in the Getty Museum: A Gold Amulet for Aurelia’s Epilepsy; An Inscribed Magical-Stone For Fever, “Chills,” And Headache
    Roy Kotansky
  • Roman Surgical Instruments in Malibu and Richmond
    Lawrence J. Bliquez
  • More Republican Coins from Two Hoards in the Getty Museum
    Jane M. Cody
  • A Lead Curse Tablet
    Marit Jentoft-Nilsen
  • A Fifth Century Athena
    Faya Causey Frel
  • Le sculpteur des danseuses. Addenda et corrigenda
    Jiří Frel
  • Metamorphoses of the Grimani “Vitellius.” Addenda and corrigenda
    Stephen Bailey