Maria Lucia Ferruzza

Maria Lucia Ferruzza is an archaeologist in the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Sicilian Identity and manages conservation projects, cultural agreements, and exhibitions with national and international institutions. She has worked as an editor and director for the arts magazines Kalos and PER—Salvare Palermo, which promote cultural patrimony policy and education. During her tenures at the Archaeological Superintendencies of Palermo and Trapani and subsequently at the Regional Center for Planning and Restoration in Palermo (1990s–2005), she participated in field surveys and excavations, exhibition organization, and research. Following a 1985–86 internship at the J. Paul Getty Museum, where she studied the collection of terracottas, Ferruzza has published frequently on the coroplastic arts in ancient Italy and on the collecting of antiquities.

Claire L. Lyons

Claire L. Lyons is curator of antiquities at the J. Paul Getty Museum and a specialist in Greek and Roman art and archaeology.