I extend my sincere thanks to the staff of the many departments in the J. Paul Getty Museum who were involved in the production of this catalogue, and in particular to Jeffrey Spier, senior curator of antiquities, for his support in completing this project. I am especially grateful to the other authors—Christine Kondoleon, Kenneth Lapatin, Nicole Budrovich, and Sean Leatherbury—who contributed their scholarly knowledge of the mosaics in the Getty’s collection, and to Judith Barr for her ongoing research on the provenance of the mosaics. I would also like to acknowledge the contributions of André Girod and the association of Villa Laurus en Luberon, who provided invaluable material on the archaeological site near Villelaure, where the Getty Museum’s mosaic of Dares and Entellus was discovered.

Special thanks are owed to the staff of the Villa Imaging Studio, especially Rebecca Truszkowski, who photographed nearly all of the mosaics for this publication, and imaging technician Benjamin Goddard, with the support of senior photographer Tahnee Cracchiola and assistant imaging technician Rosanna Chan. I extend heartfelt gratitude to Eduardo Sanchez, Jeffrey Maish, Erik Risser, Marie Svoboda, and Susan Lansing Maish in the Antiquities Conservation department, as well as conservation interns Sara Levin and Ellie Ohara, for their exceptional work in preparing the mosaics for not only photography but also display in the exhibition Roman Mosaics across the Empire. I am grateful also to Nola Butler, Greg Albers, Eric Gardner, Elizabeth Kahn, Rachel Barth, and all of the staff of Getty Publications who made this catalogue a reality.