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Man's Best Friend? Dogs in Medieval Art
The original idea for my current exhibition Medieval Beasts came from a surprising source: my veterinarian. During the annual check-up for my two ungainly but lovable German Shorthaired Pointers, Greta and Ingrid, I showed him an image of hunting dogs ...
Jul 12, 2007
Audio: Elizabeth Morrison's Lecture on Fantastic Beasts
Audio is now available of a recent lecture by Elizabeth Morrison, curator of the exhibition Medieval Beasts, on the fantastic beasts found in manuscripts. In Europe of the Middle Ages, most people never ventured further than the countryside around thei...
Jun 7, 2007
On the Wonders—and Dangers—of Exotic Beasts
I can still feel myself blushing at the memory of the unpropitious start to my inquiries into the realm of medieval beasts, the focus of the current manuscripts exhibition Medieval Beasts. I had begun my research with the bestiary, a medieval collectio...
May 3, 2007