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A Sensational and Sentimental Rhino, Part 2
In part one of this post I talked about animals as exotic spectacle and the ethics of display. But what did 18th-century audiences think about the sentimental life of these animals being offered for their entertainment?
Aug 14, 2007
A Sensational and Sentimental Rhino, Part 1
In the 1740s Clara the rhinoceros sailed from India into the Age of Reason. She arrived in a political world that would soon declare that "all men are created equal" without abolishing slavery or stepping back from the colonizing of Asia, Afr...
Aug 9, 2007
Video: Peter Singer's Lecture on Animals in Art
Watch Peter Singer's lecture on "Looking at Animals."
Jul 20, 2007
Forum: Do You Agree with Peter Singer?
Ethicist and animal rights advocate Peter Singer lectured last night at the Getty Center to a packed house. A summary of his thoughts is below; video of the lecture is posted here. Do you agree or disagree with Singer? Add your comment to weigh in...
May 25, 2007