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Audio: Tour the Exhibition with Gallery Teacher Bryan Keene

Take a tour of Oudry's Painted Menagerie with gallery teacher Bryan Keene in this audio captured in the exhibition galleries.
Download the gallery tour (mp3, 46:00, 42.1 MB)

Here's what you'll explore on this tour.

Rhino-Mania Gallery: The Rhinoceros in the European Imagination
Learn about the life and times of Clara the rhinoceros and see early images of rhinos. Visit Albrecht Dürer's Rhinoceros, a four-foot-long porcelain rhinoceros by Johann Gottleib Kirchner (below left), and an engraving made during Clara's European tour (below right), then explore a painting that depicts Clara's daily life. Also, see a beaded panel featuring the figure of Clara.
Rhinoceros / Kirchner Delineation of a Rhinoceros / Oster
Left: Rhinoceros, Johann Gottlieb Kirchner, 1731; Right: A True Delineation or Pourtraiture of a Living Rhinoceros (By Some called Unicorn), H. Oster after Anton-August Beck, 1747
Image left: Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden, Porzellansammlung; Image right: Rijksprentenkabinet, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Drawings Gallery: Observing Nature
Explore several of Oudry's drawings, learn about Oudry's working method sketching animals from life,and hear about the origin of Oudry's menagerie project. Explore dramatic studies of a male and female leopard (below left and right) and a reclining tiger, consider a hunt scene of a dog attacking a bittern, and consider the realism of Oudry's incredibly lifelike dog portraits.
Leopard / Oudry Leopardess / Oudry
Left: Study of a Leopard, 1740, chalk on paper; Study of a Leopardess, 1740, chalk on paper
Both images: Staatliches Museum Schwerin

Paintings Gallery: Eye to Eye with Exotic Beasts
Learn why Oudry's monumental Rhinoceros and Lion (below left) were not seen for 150 years and hear about the multi-year conservation project to restore both paintings. Explore Oudry's 15-foot-wide portrait of Clara, from hoof and hide to eye and ears. Plus, get close to several creatures from the menagerie including a cassowary (below right) and a trio of exotic birds.
Lion / Oudry Cassowary / Oudry
Left: Lion, 1752, oil on canvas; Right: Cassowary, 1745, oil on canvas
Both images: Staatliches Museum Schwerin

To Learn More
See an excerpt from the documentary by director William Friedkin that follows the multi-year project to conserve Oudry's Rhinoceros and Lion.

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