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Devices of Wonder: From the World in a Box to Images on a Screen

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Cabinet of Delight: This paper reproduction of a 17th-century cabinet popular with collectors of the period features cupboard doors that can be lifted and drawers that can be opened to reveal amazing collectible artifacts. Visitors can explore the Getty galleries to find these objects in the Museum's permanent collection. Approximately 15 x 12 inches, $10.95.

Changing Picture Note Cards: Encased in a collectible box, these beautifully reproduced 19th-century German Biedermeier changing picture cards make unique and charming note cards. Each card has a pull-tab that reveals a hidden aspect of a picture. Assorted greeting card sentiments are translated from German. 6 images, 6 x 5 inches, $14.95.

Engelbrecht Theaters: These two fascinating reproductions of 18th-century paper theaters created by the Augsburg Workshop of Martin Engelbrecht achieve a three-dimensional effect through many panels that fold out accordion-style to reveal a vignette. "Depiction of a Charming House of Leisure" depicts period costumes and a lovely home; "Depiction of a Beautiful Cabinet of Curiosities" invites you to explore exotic animals, rare gems and shells, and other unusual items that would fill the parlor of an avid 18th-century collector. 5 x 6 inches, $5.95 each.

WonderPack: Beginning in the 1600s wealthy collectors used luxurious cabinets to store and organize a wide variety of natural wonders and artificial curiosities. The seven cards in this cabinet offer timeless optical amusements inspired by ingenious explorations into science and art. Use these cards to make your own set of age-old illusions and optical tricks. 10 x 6 inches, $3.00 each.

Note to editors: The Getty Museum Bookstore's offerings include books, cards, posters, and other items.

Photographs of selected items are available upon request.