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Art Bound September 2015

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  Paul Cézanne: Drawings and Watercolors

Paul Cézanne
Drawings and Watercolors

Christopher Lloyd

In addition to his oil paintings, which paved the way for modern art, Paul Cézanne left behind over a thousand drawings and hundreds of gorgeous watercolors. This volume by Christopher Lloyd traces the development of Cézanne's style and life through these stunning works, which emerge in this book as some of the most absorbing art ever created.

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  Luxus: The Sumptuous Arts of Greece and Rome

The Sumptuous Arts of Greece and Rome

Kenneth Lapatin

Rich with detailed illustrations, this elegantly conceived volume brings the luxury arts of antiquity back into brilliant life. The author includes a broad range of objects, from jewelry made out of gold and silver, to statuettes and cameos made out of ivory and semiprecious stones.

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  The J. Paul Getty Museum Handbook of the Collection Eighth Edition

The J. Paul Getty Museum
Handbook of the Collection
Eighth Edition

This gorgeous new edition of the handbook features over 350 of the museum's most beloved objects, including a number of exciting new acquisitions—from the Gillion manuscript and Rembrandt's Laughing to Robert Mapplethorpe's Self Portrait and Édouard Manet's Spring.

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  Lawrence Alloway: Critic and Curator

Lawrence Alloway
Critic and Curator

Edited by Lucy Bradnock, Courtney J. Martin, and Rebecca Peabody

One of the first scholars to elevate pop culture and transform it into a reputable subject for rigorous analysis, Lawrence Alloway had a protean career as a writer, curator, teacher, and scholar. This incisive book offers a revealing glimpse into the life and thought of this sometimes overlooked but highly influential art critic.

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  Cuneiform: Ancient Scripts

Ancient Scripts

Irving Finkel and Jonathan Taylor

Cuneiform is the oldest form of writing in the world. This volume offers a concise and accessible introduction to these ancient scripts, offering a vivid glimpse into the political, economic, and religious institutions of the ancient Near Eastern societies that used them.

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  Runes: Ancient Scripts

Ancient Scripts

Martin Findell

Runes are the letters in a set of related alphabets that were used to write Germanic languages before the adoption of Latin. The runes in this lively book, which include memorials for the dead, charms, curses, and prayers, offer a fascinating introduction to these ancient scripts.

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