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Art Bound March 2013

March 2013

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Looking East
Getty Research Journal No. 5
Futures & Ruins

N E W   F R O M   G E T T Y   P U B L I C A T I O N S

Looking East
Rubens's Encounter with Asia
Edited by Stephanie Schrader
With contributions by Burglind Jungmann, Kim Young-Jae, and Christine Göttler
Looking East

Published to accompany an exhibition of Rubens's Man in Korean Costume at the J. Paul Getty Museum, and available in both print and as an enhanced e-book through Apple, Looking East explores the various facets of Rubens's compelling drawing of a man wearing a Korean costume. This large drawing was copied in Rubens's studio during his own time and circulated as a reproductive print in the eighteenth century. Despite the drawings renown, however, the reasons why it was made and whether it actually depicts a specific Asian person remain a mystery. The intriguing story that develops involves a shipwreck, an unusual hat, the earliest trade between Europe and Asia, the trafficking of Asian slaves, and the role of Jesuit missionaries in Asia.

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Getty Research Journal No. 5
Edited by Thomas W. Gaehtgens
Getty Research Journal No. 5

The Getty Research Journal publishes the original research underway at the Getty and seeks to foster an environment of collaborative scholarship among art historians, museum curators, and conservators. Articles explore the collections of the J. Paul Getty Museum and Research Institute, as well as the annual themes and ongoing research projects of the Research Institute. Shorter texts highlight new acquisitions and discoveries, and focus on the diverse tools for scholarship being developed at the Getty.

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N E W   I N   P A P E R B A C K

Futures & Ruins
Eighteenth-Century Paris and the Art of Hubert Robert
Nina L. Dubin

In this timely and provocative study, Hubert Robert's paintings of urban ruins are interpreted as manifestations of a new consciousness of time, one shaped by the uncertainties of an economy characterized by the dread-inducing expansion of credit, frenzied speculation on the stock exchange, and bold ventures in real estate. As the favored artist of an enterprising Parisian elite, Robert is a prophetic case study of the intersections between aesthetics and modernity's dawning business culture.

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Futures & Ruins

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