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Art Bound January 2018


  Promote, Tolerate, Ban

Promote, Tolerate, Ban
Art and Culture in Cold War Hungary

Edited by Cristina Cuevas-Wolf and Isotta Poggi
Essays by Katalin Cseh-Varga, Cristina Cuevas-Wolf, Dávid Fehér, Steven Mansbach, Géza Perneczky, Isotta Poggi, and Tibor Valuch

In 1956, Hungarians led a short-lived rebellion against Soviet control, which survived for ten days before being crushed and the Soviet-aligned minister János Kádár assumed power. Focusing on the Kádár era (1956-89), this publication explores the political reforms and artistic experimentations under the regime's authoritarian cultural policy by drawing on the writings and archives of contemporary artists and critics.

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  Photography and Sculpture

Photography and Sculpture
The Art Object in Reproduction

Edited by Sarah Hamill and Megan R. Luke

What is the photograph's place in writing the history of sculpture? How has it changed according to culture, generation, critical conviction, and changes in media? This erudite volume studies aspects of these questions from the perspectives of sixteen leading art historians, including essays on Conceptual art, Roman sculpture, and contemporary photography in India.

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   First Exposures

First Exposures
Writings from the Beginning of Photography

Edited by Steffen Siegel

An exact date for the invention of photography is evasive. Scientists and amateurs alike were working on a variety of photographic processes for much of the early nineteenth century. This new compendium of primary sources brings the various threads of early photography together, examining the lives and works of the various actors trafficking in the medium through a rich combination of correspondence, newspaper articles, journals, and ephemera.

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When Galleries Shake
Earthquake Damage Mitigation for Museum Collections

Jerry Podany

Earthquakes pose myriad dangers to heritage collections worldwide. This book provides an accessible introduction to these dangers and to the methodologies developed at the Getty and other museums internationally for mitigating seismic vulnerability.

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  Notes toward a Conditional Art

Notes toward a Conditional Art

Robert Irwin
Introduced and edited by Matthew Simms

In addition to a being a renowned pioneer of the Light and Space Movement in Los Angeles, Robert Irwin is also an engaging and thoughtful writer. Newly published in paperback, this volume collects texts that span Irwin's entire career, covering topics as diverse as Irwin's philosophy of teaching and his understanding of art as a form of pure inquiry.

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