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August 2010

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Reconsidering Gérôme


Conserving Outdoor Sculpture

Constructing the Ancient World

Conservation of Ancient Sites on the Silk Road

N E W   F R O M   G E T T Y   P U B L I C A T I O N S

Reconsidering Gérôme
Edited by Scott Allan and Mary Morton
Reconsidering Gérôme

Jean-Léon Gérôme (1824-1904) was an undisputed professional success during his lifetime. Crowds flocked to see his vividly rendered historical and Orientalist compositions, and thanks to the mass marketing of his work through mechanical reproduction, he reached audiences on an unprecedented scale. From the outset, however, his success met with critical hostility. In light of revisionist and postmodern trends over the past four decades, Gérôme's work is now being approached with unprecedented seriousness and refreshing creativity. The ten essays in this volume go far in challenging critical biases against the artist and suggesting new avenues of research. These papers indeed suggest that we are just beginning to learn how to "read" Gérôme's paintings in their full complexity. This publication accompanies the exhibition The Spectacular Art of Jean-Léon Gérôme, on view at the J. Paul Getty Museum until September 12, 2010.

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AD410: The Year That Shook Rome
Sam Moorhead and David Stuttard

On a sweltering August night in the year A.D. 410, the unthinkable happened. The Goths swarmed into Rome and sacked the city—not just any city, but the Eternal City, unbreached for eight hundred years. The calamity shook the empire to its core. Ever since, historians have struggled to fathom the reason why Rome fell but few have told the tale of exactly what transpired. The year 2010 marks 1600 years since the fall and this compelling new chronicle is being published to coincide with the anniversary. Brought vividly to life by evocative storytelling, AD410 explores the chain of events that culminated in the collapse of the empire. Interwoven with contemporary histories, letters, and testimonies—many newly translated for the book—this epic tale of imperial folly and court intrigue, honor and duplicity, and heroism and cowardice, paints an illuminating portrait of ordinary individuals grappling with an extraordinary crisis at a defining moment in history.

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AD410: The Year That Shook Rome
Conserving Outdoor Sculpture:
The Stark Collection at the Getty Center
Brian Considine, Julie Wolfe, Katrina Posner, and Michel Bouchard
Conserving Outdoor Sculpture: The Stark Collection at the Getty Center

When the J. Paul Getty Museum received twenty-eight sculptures created by a who's who of twentieth-century artists, it took on the responsibility for their preservation, interpretation, and long-term stewardship. Donated from the private collection of the late film producer Ray Stark and his wife, Fran, the sculptures thrust the Getty into the evolving field of outdoor sculpture conservation. To honor its responsibility, the Museum embarked on new research into the collection's materials—bronze, lead, ceramic, and painted metal—and construction techniques. This book presents the conservators' comprehensive account of the process.

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Constructing the Ancient World:
Architectural Techniques of the Greeks and Romans
Carmelo G. Malacrino

This fascinating book provides a chronological overview of the methods and materials employed in Greek and Roman architecture from the third century B.C. through the fifth century A.D. The first half of the book, devoted to Greek architectural techniques, traces the development and uses of building materials throughout the Aegean region. The Romans not only expanded on the engineering experiments of the Greeks but also developed their own construction methods and materials, as seen in the second half of the book. This volume includes a wealth of illustrations of surviving structures, accompanied by concise explanations of the discovery, significance, and historical details of each building along with precise drawings that clearly illustrate the various techniques under discussion.

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Constructing the Ancient World: Architectural Techniques of the Greeks and Romans
Conservation of Ancient Sites on the Silk Road
Edited by Neville Agnew
Conservation of Ancient Sites on the Silk Road

The Mogao grottoes, a World Heritage Site near Dunhuang in western China, are located along the ancient caravan routes—collectively known as the Silk Road—that once linked China with the West. Founded by Buddhist monks in the late fourth century, Mogao grew gradually over the following millennium, as monks, local rulers, and travelers carved hundreds of cave temples into a mile-long rock cliff and adorned them with vibrant murals portraying Buddhist scripture, Silk Road rulers, and detailed scenes of everyday life. The sixty-five papers from the Second International Conference on the Conservation of Grotto Sites address such topics as the principles and practices of wall paintings conservation; site and visitor management; scientific research, particularly in the environmental and geotechnical aspects of conservation; and relevant historical and art historical research.

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