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Friday Flights returns for its third year, bringing together a wide range of Los Angeles-based artists working across mediums for a vibrant evening of sounds and sights. An interdisciplinary series of happenings spanning contemporary classical music, artist-made interventions, electronic music, sound-based installations, poetry, dance, film, and more spreads out across the Getty Center from galleries to gardens. Friday Flights invites artists to respond to the Getty's unique architecture and grounds and to connect to the collections and exhibitions through various performative interventions, providing a platform for the city's creative networks to transform the museum experience.

The 2016 program will feature over 20 projects and performances. It includes special extended engagements with wild Up, a modern music collective and adventurous chamber orchestra led by artistic director and conductor Chris Rountree, and Veggie Cloud, a free, wide-ranging film and lecture series in Highland Park programmed by Courtney Stephens and Kate Wolf, who present three different programs based around elements of the Getty's infrastructure: Tram, Quarry, and Collections.

Friday Flights features a cash bar with local beers and bites, and runs from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. at the Getty Center. Parking is $10 after 4:00 p.m.

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David Horvitz & Xiu Xiu
Martine Syms
Laurel Jenkins (choreographer) presents B A S E (a durational rule game)
wild Up presents Odeya Nini and Archie Carey

Date: Friday, August 26, 2016
Time: 6:00–9:00 p.m.
Location: Museum Courtyard
Admission: Free; no reservation required.

David Horvitz & Xiu Xiu Conceptual artist David Horvitz teams up with acclaimed musician Xiu Xiu to design a sound installation that will transform Robert Irwin's iconic Central Garden. This interactive artwork turns the organic life of the garden into a site for sound-making, where visitors will be invited to follow over 100 different instructional scores written by the artists, such as:

Play a melody for your dream tonight
Play a sound but imagine a different sound
Play a chime and imagine trees are listening
Play a chime and imagine this place 1000 years ago

A performance written for 16 chimes and one gong will be performed with Ches Smith, Zanna Gilbert, David's grandmother Kiyoko Maruyama, among others. Taking place in the Museum's Entrance Hall at the end of the night, it will mark the conclusion of the 2016 Friday Flights program.

Each session of the 2016 Friday Flights program will feature a limited edition poster as a free takeaway, created by David Horvitz. Pick up the entire series at this event.

Martine Syms
Martine Syms is a Los Angeles-based artist who works in publishing, video, and performance. For Friday Flights, she presents Monodramania a performance-as-lecture using research materials found in the Getty Research Institute Special Collections and beyond that explore theatrical pieces played by a single actor portraying one character.

Laurel Jenkins (choreographer) presents B A S E (a durational rule game)
In B A S E, choreographer Laurel Jenkins sets loose her company of 20 dancers across the entirety of the Getty site, armed only with a set of simple rules that correspond to movements. From "stop", "pivot", and "walk", to "braid" and "arrow", the dancers must use the rules of the game to maneuver among sculptures, architecture, museum visitors or any other obstacle they encounter. Punctuated with intermittent individual expressive solos, the performance will activate the Getty site with movement from inside the galleries to far corners of courtyards and gardens.

wild Up presents Odeya Nini and Archie Carey
Experimental musicians Archie Carey and Odeya Nini will perform using improvised vocals, traditional Tibetan singing bowls, and bassoon in various gallery and courtyard spaces exploring sensations of resonance and unique sonic landscapes as they interact with the Getty site.

Previous events in the series

M. Geddes Gengras, Jim Drain, Jennifer Juniper Stratford, The Bushes (Ry Rocklen & Nick Lowe), wild Up presents Lewis Pesacov, Veggie Cloud Film Series: Collections
July 29, 2016
Friday Flights brings together a wide range of Los Angeles-based artists for an interdisciplinary series of happenings across the Getty Center from galleries to gardens. This program includes music by M. Geddes Gengras and wild Up's Lewis Pesacov, installations by Jim Drain and Jennifer Juniper Stratford, a performance by Ry Rocklen and Nick Lowe's The Bushes, and a film program presented by Veggie Cloud.

Chris Cohen, Song of Eurydice by Carolyn Pennypacker Riggs & mecca vazie andrews, wild Up presents Andrew Tholl, Keith J. Varadi, Veggie Cloud Film Series: Quarry
July 15, 2016
Friday Flights brings together a wide range of Los Angeles-based artists for an interdisciplinary series of happenings across the Getty Center from galleries to gardens. This program includes music by Chris Cohen on the Main Stage, a multi-site music performance by wild Up's Andrew Tholl, Song of Eurydice, a choral and dance performance by mecca vazie andrews and Carolyn Pennypacker Riggs with costumes by 69, a poetry reading organized by artist Keith J. Varadi, and a film program presented by Veggie Cloud.

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Michael Parker & Wesley Hicks present Juicerina, wild Up presents Chris Kallmyer, Kianí del Valle, Poster by David Horvitz, Veggie Cloud Film Series: Tram
June 10, 2016
Friday Flights brings together a wide range of Los Angeles-based artists for an interdisciplinary series of happenings across the Getty Center from galleries to gardens. This program includes music by Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith on the Main Stage, a site-wide performance by Michael Parker and Wesley Hicks on handmade ceramic instruments called "juicerinas," a solo performance by dancer and choreographer Kianí del Valle, wild Up's Chris Kallmyer performing with 1,000 live crickets in the Central Garden, a film program presented by Veggie Cloud, and a limited edition poster by artist David Horvitz.

Hosted by 5 Every Day
August 28, 2015
Claire L. Evans and Jona Bechtolt make up the band YACHT and, in addition to releasing five studio albums largely with legendary dance label DFA Records, they perform, make objects, events, texts, video, products, websites, and other miscellaneous things. Recently, they launched an app called 5 Every Day, a daily list of five interesting things to do in Los Angeles culled from their own favorite places and happenings in the city, often digging into lesser-known histories and unearthing obscure "only-in-LA" events. But the app isn't just a simple calendar—through its unique voice it reveals the expansive knowledge and infectious open-hearted curiosity these musicians embody. Given their penchant for covering a mix of visual art, film, music, sci-fi, comedy, and even some oddball Californalia, 5 Every Day will undoubtedly bring a shrewd and surprising program to the Getty.

Hosted by Ducktails
July 24, 2015
Ducktails is a solo music project by Matt Mondanile, guitarist for indie-rock headliners Real Estate, that consists of breezy pop gems that evoke languid suburban summer afternoons with tinges of an unplaceable nostalgia. Ducktails is a testament to Mondanile's dexterity and energy for not only creating, but also for his ability to draw together a dynamic network of artists. Through his boutique label New Images, Mondanile supports a wide range of experimental, ambient, and folk musicians, in addition to visual artists, whose releases expand the scope of a record label to that of a publisher's imprint, blurring the lines between records and that of multiples and artist's books as vehicles for circulating ideas.

Hosted by Lucky Dragons
June 26, 2015
An ongoing collaboration between L.A.-based artists Sarah Rara and Luke Fischbeck, Lucky Dragons is known for an open and participatory approach to making music, radically inclusive live shows, and playful use of digital tools. Their thoughtful and collaborative approach pushes music into an art context effortlessly, and their performances have been welcomed in leading institutions and experimental art spaces alike.

Hosted by Total Freedom
May 29, 2015
Ashland Mines—aka Total Freedom—is a DJ, producer, and infamous party-maker at the center of the recent revitalization of Los Angeles's club music scene. A founding member of record label/movement Fade to Mind, his DJ sets build a hyperactive sonic collage sourced from online found sound and violent noise effects as well as dance beats and pop hits.

Hosted by Mikael Jorgensen & Cassandra C. Jones
August 8, 2014
Ojai, California residents Mikael Jorgensen and Cassandra C. Jones host the fourth and final Friday Flight of the summer. Jorgensen is the keyboardist in the alternative rock band Wilco and releases electronic music under his own name. Jones is a new-media artist with a focus in digital photomontage who is represented by Eli Ridgway Contemporary and Judith Charles Gallery in New York City. As husband and wife they share a mutual interest in the role technology plays in human expression and the many ways in which digital media and traditional forms of art making intermix.

Hosted by No Age
July 18, 2014
No Age emerged from L.A.'s underground music scene of the early and mid-2000's. In recent years, they have transitioned from a noisy band at the center of L.A. youth culture to collaborations with established contemporary artists, producing high-quality limited editions and seeking out alternative performance situations. Their latest release, titled An Object, asks questions that are at the heart of art criticism, with an impact that resonates more in the art gallery than the music venue.

Hosted by Ooga Booga
June 27, 2014
Ooga Booga is an innovative storefront shop that features alternative objects, design, fashion, artist books and editions, as well as records and visual projects by musicians. Under the direction of owner Wendy Yao, the store presents objects with a disregard for conventional boundaries, with a punk-inspired irreverence, showing that artists and ideas in any discipline can be engaged in the same aesthetic discussion. For Friday Flights, Yao has invited a group of artists and musicians who, each in their own way, deals with performance—one of the deepest connections between music and the visual arts.

Hosted by Liars
May 30, 2014
Liars is an electronic band from Los Angeles whose sound is defined by a commitment to experimentation and continual reinvention over a decade of innovative releases. Bouncing from calculated and almost brutalist impulses to exuberant, chance-based processes, Liars thoughtfully translates art concepts into their sonic creations, citing visual artists John Baldessari, Martin Creed, and Lawrence Weiner as central figures of inspiration.

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