The Getty Villa
Date: Thursday, June 16, 2016
Time: 7:30 p.m.
Location: Auditorium
Past Event

Mosaics first appeared in the Greek world during the Hellenistic Age. It was under the Romans, however, that mosaic pavements became ubiquitous across the Mediterranean world and beyond. They not only covered the floors of wealthy and well-to-do homes, but also decorated temples, theaters, public baths, and other spaces that required resilient yet decorative walking surfaces. The vast majority of Roman mosaics bear geometric and vegetal motifs but there are also thousands illustrating diverse aspects of mythology, religion, athletics, and everyday life. Archaeologist Demetrios Michaelides examines the development of the art form, its spread throughout the Roman Empire, and its contribution to our understanding of the ancient world.

This lecture complements the exhibition Roman Mosaics across the Empire, on view March 30 through September 12, 2016.

About Demetrios Michaelides
Demetrios Michaelides is professor emeritus of classical archaeology at the University of Cyprus. He studied at the Courtauld Institute and the Institute of Archaeology, University of London, where he earned his Ph.D. After teaching at Università per gli stranieri of Perugia in Italy and working for the British School at Rome, Michaelides returned to Cyprus to serve as Archaeological Officer for the district of Paphos. In 1992, he joined the faculty of the University of Cyprus and was appointed professor of classical archaeology in 2000. His research interests include ancient wall paintings and terracottas, the marble and amphora trade, and food and medicine in the ancient world, but he is best known for his work on Hellenistic and Roman mosaics, and has served six times as President of the International Committee for the Conservation of Mosaics (ICCM). He has directed excavations at numerous sites throughout Cyprus as well as Berenice in Libya, Otranto in southern Italy, and the Basilica of San Clemente in Rome. He has presented his research at over 150 international conferences, has published over 130 articles, excavation reports, and encyclopedia entries, and is the author, editor, or co-editor of 18 books. He participates as a member of numerous committees that support archaeological and scientific research, including the Getty's MOSAIKON Initiative to conserve, manage, and present mosaics in the southern and eastern Mediterranean region.

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