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Mark Leonard (Getty Museum) works in the Getty Museum's painting conservation studio.

The Getty Museum's conservation departments often partner with other institutions in order to restore major works of art from their collections. Over the past ten years, the paintings conservation department at the Getty Museum has developed a program devoted to the study and restoration of major works of art from other collections.

Institutions such as the Hispanic Society of America, the Staatliche Museen in Berlin, and the National Gallery of Bucharest have participated in the program. The work is provided in exchange for the opportunity to exhibit the works of art in the galleries at the Getty Center after completion of the treatments.

The lending institutions not only benefit from the restorations, but often receive new insights into the works of art from their collections. Many of the projects are associated with exhibitions or lead to the publication of important new findings in exhibition catalogues and scholarly journals. The Getty benefits from the presence of extraordinary works of art in the conservation studio, the scientific laboratories at the Getty Conservation Institute, and the public galleries of the Getty Center.

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