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Conservation Grants, Collections of Art and Archives

Conservation Grants are designed to assist non-profit organizations in New Orleans in caring for their art collections, archives, historic buildings and landscapes damaged as a result of the storm and the floods. Grants include support for conservation assessments, the development of conservation plans, and, on a limited basis, conservation implementation.

Museums, archives, and other nonprofit cultural organizations may apply for support of surveys that are designed to assess professionally the condition and conservation requirements of their permanent art and archival collections and to formulate plans for their appropriate care and preservation. For collections of outstanding significance where conservation assessments have already been completed, support may be available on a limited basis for conservation treatment.

Nonprofit institutions open to the public on a regular basis are eligible to apply. Archival collections must be related to the visual arts and architecture to be eligible for consideration. A typical use of grant funds is to engage the services of consultant conservation specialists. (General information about selecting consultant conservators may be found on the Website of the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works at

Preliminary Procedures
Please submit a preliminary letter of inquiry to determine eligibility. The letter (maximum two pages) should include the following:

  1. short description of the history and significance of the artwork(s) or archive;
  2. a brief description of the proposed survey or treatment project;
  3. a brief description of the qualifications of the personnel who will be involved in the project (if already identified);
  4. an estimate of the amount of financial support to be requested from the Getty Foundation; and
  5. a brief explanation on the nonprofit, charitable, or tax-exempt status of the applicant organization.
Application Availability and Deadline
Organizations interested in submitting an application should submit preliminary letters as soon as possible. If a project described in a preliminary letter is eligible for consideration, the organization will be invited to apply and will be sent the necessary application forms.

Please address inquiries to:

Attn: Fund for New Orleans
The Getty Foundation
1200 Getty Center Drive, Suite 800
Los Angeles, CA 90049-1685

Phone: (310) 440-7320
Fax (inquiries only): (310) 440-7703

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