In addition to graduate and undergraduate interns, the Foundation currently provides the following professional development grants.

Connecting Professionals/Sharing Expertise
Grants are awarded by invitation only to large, international professional organizations, such as the International Council of Museums (ICOM) and the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS), that serve museums and the fields of art history and conservation. These grants allow colleagues from underserved areas to participate in annual conferences and professional exchanges, enhancing their skills and increasing opportunities for connections with individuals around the world.

Museums in Africa
For over twenty years, the Foundation has provided funding to train museum professionals in sub-Saharan Africa. Through support for the landmark program Prevention for Museums in Africa (PREMA), over 400 museum professionals from more than forty African countries have been trained in preventive conservation techniques. Getty grants supported year-long courses taught at in Rome, and later grants helped launch shorter courses throughout Africa taught by course graduates. The program eventually led to the creation of the first permanent conservation organizations in Africa, the École du Patrimoine Africain in Benin and the Centre for Heritage Development in Africa (CHDA) in Kenya.

The Foundation's work in Africa continued in 2008 and 2009 with grants to the West African Museums Program (WAMP) for an intensive training program in preventive conservation for photography; to the International Council of African Museums (AFRICOM), headquartered in Kenya, for operating support and a strategic planning process aimed at enhancing its ability to serve the African museum community and ensuring the organization's long-term sustainability; to the British Museum for a planning grant to design a museum training program in East Africa; to École du Patrimoine Africain (EPA) for a two-year diploma course in preventive conservation; and to the Centre for Heritage Development in Africa (CHDA) for board training and curriculum development. Together these recent grants present an opportunity to further build professional capacity in Africa, strengthen key heritage organizations, and coordinate training on the continent.

Press Release
September 9, 2008: New Getty Foundation Grants to Aid Africa's Museums

USC Annenberg/Getty Arts Journalism Program
The USC Annenberg/Getty Arts Journalism Program provides short-term fellowships for mid-career working journalists. The fellowships are designed to increase participants' understanding and engagement with the arts, to foster overall excellence in arts coverage, and to increase the understanding of arts institutions in Los Angeles. Since 2001, the program has brought 53 working journalists to Los Angeles for a three-week program that provides firsthand encounters with artists and art administrators. As a direct consequence of the Getty's seven years of support, USC is now establishing a full-time Arts Journalism track within its Master's degree program in journalism.

Press Releases
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