Grades/Level: Adult Learners
Subjects: Visual Arts, English–Language Arts, ESL
Time Required: Short Activity
30 minutes
Author: Getty Museum Education Staff

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Lesson Overview

Students will write a postcard about their favorite landscape.

Learning Objectives

• Students write creatively using new landscape vocabulary.


• Choose images from the landscapes below
• Looking at Landscapes Vocabulary
• Student Activity Sheet: Postcards

Lesson Steps

• Ask students which of the landscapes they have seen represents a place they would like to go on vacation. Ask them to explain why.

• Ask students to pretend they are writing a postcard to a family member while on vacation at their chosen location.

• Hand out the Postcards activity sheet.

• Ask students to include details about the landscape in their postcards.

• Invite students to share their writing.

• Have students draw a picture of a detail of one of the landscapes.

• After they visit the Getty Center, have students write postcards to someone in their native country about their visit.

• After visiting the Getty Center, ask students to draw a picture of their favorite view from the site.

Grand Canal / Bellotto
View of the Grand Canal and the Dogana, Bernardo Bellotto, about 1740