Butterfly, Caterpillar, Moth / Van Kessel

Art & Science: A Curriculum for K–12 Teachers mines the treasures of the Getty Museum to explore the many intersections of the visual arts with scientific disciplines. The curriculum was developed by Getty educators with museum conservators, curators, and scientists and a teacher advisory group. Focusing on the science of art production and conservation and the scientific skills of investigation and experimentation, it supports student proficiency in science and visual art by exploring the fascinating territory in which the arts and sciences mingle.

This online presentation contains nine out of the 36 lessons that are included in the Art & Science print publication. The print publication contains lessons and discussion ideas related to works of art across the Getty Museum's collection areas: antiquities, decorative arts, drawings, manuscripts, painting, photography, and sculpture.

Science and art teachers are encouraged to collaborate when implementing these lessons to share resources and expertise. Lessons are divided into beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels that act as scaffolds for step-by-step learning. While these lessons correspond roughly to expectations for science and art learning in elementary, middle, and high schools, teachers can decide which level to use depending on their students' needs and abilities. Middle- and high-school teachers can use less advanced activities to review student understanding of basic principles required for the more complex activities.

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