Bring the Getty Museum into your after school classroom!

Integrate these resources into your after school program in order to build students' skills in visual analysis; critical thinking; and creative media exploration. Use all four tools in a sequential lesson plan, or use independently.

Step 1: Develop students' eye for detail with GettyGames


Step 2: Explore the collection with media


Students build visual analysis skills through a variety of games based on the Getty collection. Games can be adapted to various levels to match and challenge students' abilities.

  (Lower and Upper Elementary)

Students focus on an area of the collection through audio or video.

Formal Analysis (video)
  (Upper Elementary)
Warming up to Dance (video)
  (Lower Elementary)

Step 3: Engage with the collection


Step 4: Create through inspiration


Teachers facilitate student interaction with works of art.

Elements of Art + Worksheets
  (Lower and Upper Elementary)

Students further their exploration with the collection through creativity.

Postcards activity
  (Lower Elementary)
Degas' sketchbook activity
  (Upper Elementary)
Make a Bookmark (pdf)
Make a Mask (pdf)
Wheatstacks or Cupcakes? (pdf)