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Re: lesson ideas

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Wed, 29 Sep 1999 23:43:02 EDT

In a message dated 9/29/99 6:52:30 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
fromkinr writes:

> Does anyone have any lessons or ideas for a high school art fundamental
> class that has the following for supplies. Faded construction paper,
> various grades of white paper, tissue paper, colored pencils, and oil
> pastels? I know this sounds pathetic, but this is my reality.

1.With the construction paper and tissue paper, construct landscapes with
torn and cut edges, layer the construction paper so that the layers work from
the back to the front. this will show the three planes of composition and
they can work with silohettes. Use a paste or spray adhesive if you can.

2. Colored pencils are fun to work with and offer many ways of using color
for a color theory project. Try using Georgia O'Keefe compositions of
flowers with close details. Layer the colored pencil with light overlapping
layers that can be built up and then enhanced with a white layer( they also
make a blending pencil now), then contrast the flower area with a light or
darker version of it's compliment color for the background and negative
space. This makes the flower pop out and you can use some examples O'Keefe's
to show this idea. Also have them use the entire format even going out of
the formatted edges.

3. I like to do Impressionistic craypas (oil-pastels), on an illustration
board or any white board surface. These can be blended with tortillons,
q-tips and paint thinner. Many layers and hard pressure will make them look
like paintings and with a coat of crystal clear fix they can even shine.

Just a few thoughts,

Ken Schwab
San Jose, CA