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Re: unique texture ideas

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Wed, 29 Sep 1999 21:12:06 EDT

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I know that it has been asked before about texture
lesson ideas--but I was wanting the students to use
texture from various items such as cloth, hair, corn,
yarn, etc.--to create a small composition---this is
where I come to a road block-I am hoping that someone
has a great idea on what to have them do--any
suggestions or ideas will be greatly appreciated-
thanks in advance! :)
- -Erin
Dear Erin,
I do this lesson for Line, but I think it would work for a texture
Everyone gets their paper and pencil. Following directions is important for
the first part. As you give these directions, be sure to say "No questions,
just do what you think is right, and feels good" because you WILL get many
saying "does it go OFF the page? can it curve or bend??" etc.
OK...Here are the directions...1) divide your page into two sections with a
line. 2) divide one of those sections with another line (remind here that
curvy lines can be used). 3) intersect one line with a zig zag line. etc.
walk around and see what they are coming up with here, and you will get some
ideas for more lines and divisions. When the page looked good, we would
then create a texture with line in all the different sections. You could
have them use your fabrics and texture cut to fit in these sections, as in a
collage though. Just a thought. Hope this helps. Is this clear?