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RE: Asian art projects

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Kathy Tickner (
Wed, 29 Sep 1999 15:34:27 -0700

I always have the kids make Chinese Guays (the metal pots)
We design and cut the shape of a guay (lots of examples in asian art books,
or social studies books) out of tagboard or cardboard.

spread a layer of glue all over it.

cover it with a layer of tin foil. Being sure to tuck in all the edges so as
to get the sillouette of the guay shape.

Then using a dull pencil, etch into the tin foil, putting lines/designs.

When the glue/tin foil is dry, usually the next day. Use a mixture of black
paint/black ink, and spread over the etched tin foil, wipe away after a few
minutes, and the ink mixture will stay in the etch lines.

You can spray with a clear shellac to make it shiny, and also, use a brillo
pad to "polish" the metal foil to make it shiney.
Kathy Tickner 3-8th grade art/art history
Byron School, CA

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I am looking for any clever ideas for Asian art lessons for fifth grade.
In the classroom they are studying several asian countries including;
Japan, China etc. They are planning a grade level presentation and
asked me to do some related projects in art. So far we made Carp Kites
but I was looking for more ideas???? My students want to make masks, I
have been searching for any ideas for Asian Mask Making on the
elementary level. If you have any ideas please share them with
would be greatly appreciated!