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Re: leather question-Hannibal

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John & Sandra Barrick (astroboy)
Tue, 28 Sep 1999 16:33:57 -0400

> Jimmye Livingston wrote:
> >
> > I was given 2 very large pieces of leather (probably about a
> > yard and a half by a yard each).
> >
> > I work with high school age students and one class of special ed students
> > who are also high school age
> > Thanks
> > Jimmye
I don't know why but after the "Silence of the Lambs"- I always
think of Hannibal!
My thoughts on this:
Idea 1
1. Looking at the history of the separate tribes of America and
Mexico, separate into small groups and have each group sketch out
drawings for an article of clothing which hasn't been pictures (in
prints) or seen in class.
1. Must consider the elements and origin of the clothing to be worn.
2. Must include adornment with the clothing
3. Must relate to cultural symbols and include these symbols in the
4. Must be made without buttons, hinges, zippers etc.

What other objects could be made out of leather for this tribe.
i.e.- boots, papoose, tent/dwelling, wall hanging, stripped and used
as rope to join as hinges, or buttons do.

1. Have groups present the drawing.
2. Have participants guess what part of country this tribe is from
and locate on Map. 3. Name the tribe.
4. Have group decide which one will be made out of the cloth which
was donated. ETC>

Second idea- to do a wall hanging of or for the school ( as in a
cloth floor plan or own symbols which the class decides on).Perhaps
translating the school Motto- or the motto of the art classroom. Use
symbols to represent words and making a key guide to be used to
interpret the hanging.
This will be useful at the end of the year in case you do scavenger
hunts. One clue could be to decode the symbols in the wall hanging.

3rd Idea: Looking at masks from many cultures make a mask to
represent the art room.
I especially think Northwest Native americans and Alaskan native
americans, would be ideal. You could even add other material>
perhaps carving a mask and then dyeing and adding the leather to it.