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Re: BIST -- long post

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Melissa Chaney (meemo)
Mon, 27 Sep 1999 22:17:28 -0500

For those of you wondering about all of this. Here goes. If not delete
now. This is long.

BIST has been in our district for four years now. It really works. It was
all started at the Ozanam Home for children, located in Martin City,
Missouri. Several districts in our area use BIST including:

Carthage, MO
Hickman Mills, MO
Hilltop, Columbus, MO
Crestview Elementary
Southwest Charter
Raymore Peculiar, MO

And many others!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep in mind that I am not here to sell their program. It's just that
others were wondering about it so I'm sharing what I know. If you want
further information I suggest calling (913) 724-1278. BIST really works
well if a district or building will adopt the program and everyone follows
it. So if it sounds interesting to you, get to your principal about it.
The BIST program has monthly training, textbooks, classes and wonderful
staff that it ALWAYS on call.

Please excuse my typing skills!



B.I.S.T. stands for Behavior Intervention Support Team. It is a system
that helps students grow in self-discipline through support in the classroom
and better relationships with the teachers. The "BIST" program is based on
the idea that students need to be accountable for their actions and that
teachers need to provide students with support to help them improve their
own lives. We, as 6th grade teachers believe strongly in this policy and
are dedicated to making it work in our school.

The first part of this policy is early intervention on the part of the
teachers. A student will be given one redirection (warning) when acting out
occurs. If the behavior continues, that student will be asked to go to a
safe place within the classroom. If the behavior still continues, that
student will be asked to go to the Buddy Room. This is usually another
classroom where the acting out will stop so that they won't get into serious
trouble. In the Buddy Room, he/she will be asked to fill out a Think Sheet
to describe the inappropriate behavior that he/she demonstrated. The idea
is to have the student think about what happened, acknowledge the problem,
and take OWNERSHIP of the behavior so that they can learn to change.

The student will not be allowed to return to class until he/she has
"processed" with the teacher. Processing is when the teacher and student
discuss the behavior that occured and talk about what can be done to prevent
it from happening again. The student must take responsibility for their
actions and problem solve before they are allowed to return to class.

If the acting out continues in the Buddy room or if the student is angry and
out of control, he/she will be sent to the Recovery Room. The student will
stay in Recovery until they are able to calm down and talk directly with the
teacher about the problem that occurred. We know that it is sometimes
difficult for students to take responsibility when they have done something
that could have gotten them in trouble, so students are given all the time
that they need. The teachers provide them with support and make sure that
they do not fall behind in class.

Sometimes students find themselves in situations in which they cannot manage
their feelings. If a student cannot handle her/himself in Recovery, school
is not the safest place for that student to be. In this case, that student
will be sent home.

Our goals are to establish better relationships between students and
teachers and to create the best learning environment possible for all
students. We believe that this program will allow us to accomplish these by
stopping the acting out that can interrupt the learning of all students. If
students , teachers, administrators and parents work together, we are
confident that the BIST program will be beneficial to all.

Our school has hired a recovery room person (former teacher). She keeps
track of all think sheets, parent contacts, processing with teachers and
helps kids keep up in class. She does not teach at all this is her job.
The recovery room is not a wonderful place to be. Students do not want to
go there. They would rather be with their friends. If a student is placed
in recovery for the day they eat lunch there and have no social time with
others. Even bathroom breaks are controlled. It is the recovery persons
job to keep track of all paperwork. The teachers have enough to do. Don't
you agree???

Hope this helps.

Melissa Chaney
Raymore-Peculiar Art
6ht Grade Center