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Re: rain sticks....

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Michal Austin (whest177)
Sun, 26 Sep 1999 22:21:59 -0500

I do rainsticks with my middle school every year (I'm K-12). I used to
do them with my high school, but found I needed a simpler 3-D project
for Jr. High. I use card board tubes - paper towel, wrapping paper, and
toilet paper tubes taped together, just depends on what I have in
surplus, and what the kids bring in. We use T-Pins to poke holes,
following the lines on the tube, placing them close together, but not so
close that they end up becoming one long hole. We cut two tagboard
circles to fit the tube, and use masking tape to attach one end. Poke
toothpicks into the holes, cut off the excess with scissors (show them
how to do this so you don't have toothpick missles flying everywhere),
and secure with elmer's glue. Let dry. I let the kids experiment with a
mixture of beans, rice, birdseed, etc. to produce the sound they want.
Then we attach the other tagboard end. I mix up bowls of diluted glue,
give them tissue paper, and old paintbrushes to decorate them. Depending
on what subjects the other teachers are teaching (I LOVE integrating!) I
have had them use a variety of brown tissue paper, which produces a sort
of woody look - that year we attached leather strips and feathers, and
drew Indian symbols with sharpie - they were stunning! Another
successful idea I've used is having them create a "rainbow" effect,
following the colors of the rainbow and having them try to fade the
colors together. Then I get to point out the primary, secondary, and
intermediate colors! "You mean we really made color wheels Mrs. A?" - I
love that response! I would love to hear of more ideas on expanding this
lesson, beyond just the making of the rainsticks. Good luck, this is a
fun lesson!

eml lgthse wrote:

> hi everyone-
> I am a student teacher in art, and I recently observed
> another high school art class making rain sticks...I
> would like to know if anyone has a lesson for making
> these or any ideas on what materials can be used to
> construct them and also what material makes the best
> noise to fill it with.
> Also I would like to receive all these messages in
> digest form and I have yet to figure out how to do
> that-if anyone knows I would appreciate any
> instructions. Thanks in advance and have a great day!
> -Erin
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