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RE: Kindie quiet

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Kimberly Anne Herbert (kimberly)
Mon, 27 Sep 1999 13:20:43 -0500

Send a note to the kindie teachers asking what attention getting signal they
use. You can even ask the kids, they are often proud to show a grown up how
they do something. The children will get use to your signals, but if you use
the same as their classroom teacher it will happen faster. Many of the
elementary teachers I see at the museum use a clapping rhythm and rhyme. The
kids then answer back with the same rhyme and clapping. I can't think of any
off the top of my head.
Kimberly Herbert
CAM Administrator

-----Original Message-----

>Hi gang!
> I humbly come before you to ask for your suggestions on something
>I'm sure has been discussed previously, but I passed over, because it
>was not relevant at the time.
> I have this year been assigned 2 kindie art classes at the end of my
>high school day. Believe me, I have a whole NEW RESPECT especially for
>all my colleagues working in lower elem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Y'all ought
>to get paid 3x what we do!!!!!!!! (and I know there are some of you out
>there who may not agree, but 'walk a mile'!....).
> Anyway, please share what you may do successfully to quiet these
>excitable little ones down-or get their attention quickly? It's been 24
>years since I've had kindies (my student teaching)-all my time has been
>with MS and HS students-and lord knows, what I use with secondary is
>laughable in this other world! (and do I have stories!!!!)-anyway, it's
>been humbling, as I say-and just let me say, flashing lights isn't
>practical in the configuration of the room-I've tried clapping (which
>kinda works)....So please give me your words of wisdom...And please
>know, I do try to switch what we do so they aren't sitting too long,
> ya just wait for them to grow used to school routines or
>what??? I have tried to meet with the 2 kindie teachers but our
>schedules make this very difficult.
>Used-to-be-a-secondary-only-smug-art-teacher {:-)
>Judy Grochowski

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